This website has been updated 18 November 2005

Welcome to the iPILPS homepage.
iPILPS is a new type of PILPS experiment in which the process of international intercomparison will inform, illuminate and educate the land-surface scheme (LSS) parameterization community while new aspects of LSS are being developed. Specifically, iPILPS is a component of the current initiative to add isotopic (stable and radioactive) representation to atmospheric and land-surface models. The science questions to be addressed by iPILPS include:
- What is the ability of LSSs to reproduce isotopic components of the water and mass (carbon initially) budgets?
- Do isotopic fluxes between the atmosphere and the land-surface depend more strongly on the ambient atmospheric conditions, the land-surface conditions or the gross exchanges between them?
- Is it possible to generate "adequately correct" isotopic pools and fluxes without adding (great) complexity to the LSSs?
iPILPS is open to LSSs which already have or soon intend to incorporate stable water isotopes and/or carbon isotopes. It will be as valuable for LSS owners to join iPILPS prior to incorporation of isotopic pools and fluxes as to participate once these are added.

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If you are interested in incorporating isotopes into your land surface scheme, please look at the following document:

Isotope Algorithm