iPILPS Phase 1

Our first step is to force a number of Isotope-enabled Land Surface Schemes (ILSSs) with forcing data obtained from a high-resolution regional climate model (REMOiso), and to inter-compare the simulations of the different ILSSs, for 3 different sites.
The three sites to be simulated by each of the participating ILSSs are:
The above sites contain links to pictures, text descriptions and also define time invariant surface property data that your ILSS may need.

Forcing data for Phase 1

The following file contains 1 year of forcing data, at 15 minute intervals.
The data complies with the ALMA 'Traditional' convention: see Table 1.
I have suggested additional isotope conventions, also see Table 1.
Forcing data files:
FORCING_BC24_MUNICH_IPILPS1 (available, years 2-4)

As background, it is interesting to note that the forcing data used in PILPS Phase 2 (Cabauw), which can be found here, contained only 8 variables:

REMOiso forcing

Q: How well does the forcing data from REMOiso compare with observational data obtained from these three sites?

A: Plots coming soon!